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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Principal: Mr M McGrath

Vice-Principal: Mrs S Sealey


Primary 1: Miss L McMullan with Mrs McDowell & Mrs McEvoy

Primary 2: Mrs O McCartan, with Miss O'Neill

Primary 3: Mrs M Kernan, with Mrs Rice

Primary 4: Mrs P Jordan, with Mrs Dowdall

Primary 5: Mrs Sealey

Primary 6: Miss C Maguire

Primary 7: Mrs C Green, with Mrs Davey

Literacy Support: Mrs Sealey, Mrs McDowell, Mrs Davey, Miss O'Neill, Mrs Rice, Mrs Dowdall

Numeracy Support: Mr McGrath, Miss McMullan


Secretary: Mrs S Mullan


Building Supervisor: Mrs C Hanvey

Cleaner: Miss Jones